Master Slider Pro 2.25.0 плагин слайдер WordPress

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Master Slider Pro 2.25.0 плагин слайдер WordPress Master Slider Pro 2.25.0 плагин слайдер Master Slider Pro 2.25.0 слайдер WordPress Master Slider Pro 2.25.0

Master Slider Pro 2.25.0 плагин слайдер WordPress - слайдер премиум класса для WordPress 4.0-4.4, высокого качества, предназначен для отображения изображений и контента, с супер гладким аппаратным ускорением переходов

Master Slider Pro 2.25.0 плагин слайдер WordPress

Это по-настоящему отзывчивый слайдер, который отлично работает на всех основных устройствах. Слайдером легко управлять, легко собирать, легко работать!

Список всех функций

Under The Hood

- HTML5 Valid and SEO Friendly Markup
- CSS3 Transitions with jQuery Fallback
- Hardware Accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
- Fully Responsive
- Cross Browser IE8+ and Other Modern Browsers
- jQuery 1.7+ Supported
- Optimized for Any Screen Sizes and Touch Devices
- Smart Loading Assets
- Powerful API for Developers
- Memory Leak Free
- Optimized Script-based Animations

Slider Appearance

- 6+ Interactive Slide Transitions
- Full-width, Full-screen and Boxed Layout
- Boxed with Visible Nearby Slides
- Auto Height and Auto Fill Layout

Dynamic Slider Sources

- Post Slider with Advanced Filtering Tool (Any Post-type)
- WooCommerce Product Slider With Advanced Filtering Tool
- Make Slider Dynamically From Flickr Photosets or User Latest Photos
- Make Image Gallery Dynamically From Facebook Public Images


- Touch Swipe Navigation
- Mouse Swipe Navigation in Desktop
- Loop and Linear Navigation
- Shuffle Ordering Slides Option
- Vertical and Horizontal Direction Navigation
- Fully Customizable Thumbnail and Tabs
- Vertical and Horizontal Bullets
- Mouse Wheel Navigation
- Customizable Arrows
- Scroll Handle Slide Indicator
- Built in Deep-linking Options
- Auto Play with Timing Options
- Timer-bar and Circle Timer UI Controls

Slider Capabilities

- 4 Different Layer Types (Text, Image, Button and Video)
- Huge Verity of Layer Transitions
- Hotspots and Tooltips over Slides
- Transition In and Out Available for Each Layer
- Parallax Effect while Scrolling
- Layers Parallax Effect while Swiping
- Layers Parallax Effect while Moving Mouse over Slide
- Binding Special Actions to Layers
- Embedding YouTube and Vimeo Videos
- HD Video Backgrounds for Slides
- Instant Initializing
- Custom Pattern and Color Overlay
- Auto Resizing and Aligning Layers while Resizing
- Option to Liking Slides, Layers and Hotspots

Editor Capabilities

- 30+ Ready to Use Sample Sliders (One Click Import)
- Nice Looking and Easy to Use Layout
- WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor
- 5 Background Positioning Options
- Easy to Use Timeline Panel
- Visual Style Editor
- Visual Transition Effect Editor
- Visual Button Editor
- Easy Aligning Layers over Stage
- Snapping Option on Drag & Drop Layers
- 9 Different Positioning Origin Points for Each Layer
- Realtime Animation Preview
- Moving Layers by Arrow Keys
- Using WordPress Native Text Editor
- Using Google Fonts (600+ Fonts)

WordPress Plugin Capabilities

- Advanced Import And Export Tool
- Built-in cache boosting
- Translate Ready
- Multisite Compatible
- Extensive Developer API

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